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Friday Foreclosure Story: Actor Sues to Fight Foreclosure

Former CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star, Gary Dourdan, is suing his bank, alleging constructive fraud and seeking to avoid the foreclosure of his Los Angeles home after claiming bank representatives were slow in offering mortgage help, in violation of state law.

TMZ reports a familiar story to millions of homeowners, the actor was laid off from his gig on the national TV show in 2010 which made it difficult to pay the $5,000 per month payment on his $922,000 mortgage loan. Dourdan contacted his lender, Union Bank, for relief. After six months of dealing with the bank, Dourdan was finally granted a relief package.

However, Dourdan’s attorney alleges that by waiting so long, the bank “manipulated and caused [him] to fall further behind” in his payments and failed to then honor the forbearance agreement, especially through “negligent obfuscation” when it sent confusing mortgage statements out saying “Do not remit any payments.”

According to E! Online, Dourdan is seeking a court order to prevent the foreclosure sale of his property and is demanding compensatory and punitive damages as well as attorney’s fees and costs.

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