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Friday Foreclosure Story: Former Marine Saves His Home

Former Marine and Minneapolis homeowner, Bobby Hull, was scheduled to be evicted from his home last month but with help from the community, has won the battle for his home. However, this fighter wants to fix the larger problem at hand.

When Hull was given his eviction notice in December, he partnered with invited 100 people from the local version of the Occupy Wall Street movement on to protest his foreclosure. It certainly got his lender – Bank of America – to listen. After a long and frustrating loan modification experience that is familiar to many, Bank of America sold Hull’s home in a foreclosure auction. But three days after the redemption period ended, he had received the modification offer he was seeking.

Hull and his fellow activists did not set out to blame Bank of America for foreclosed illegally, but to ask the bank to show more compassion to a former Marine who wants to stay in his home and is willing to pay if he could get a break. Hull didn’t only set out to save his home, which he thought was a lost cause, he set out to make a larger statement to Bank of America and hopefully change the course for someone else.

He told the Huffington Post in December: “If I lose it, I lose it. But I might be able to open the door for somebody else. It might inspire somebody else to stand up and say, ‘Yeah, you’re right, what the banks are doing is wrong.'”

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