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Friday Foreclosure Story: Man Arrested for Fighting for His Home

Homeowners Arturo De Los Santos and his wife Magdalena have been fighting to keep their Riverside home from which they were evicted this week, for the second time.

The Huffington Post explains Arturo’s familiar story:

“After reaching an agreement to make reduced payments on a trial basis until a final settlement was defined, and making three payments in accordance to that agreement, “the loan modification department didn’t accept my money. They said, we are not accepting more payments,” said De Los Santos.

He was left in limbo. At the same time, “the foreclosure department didn’t know they had told me that,” he said. “They just thought I was not paying.” The bank returned the fourth check, un-cashed.”

The family was evicted last June but the bank was unable to find a buyer. De los Santos continued contacting Chase, hoping to persuade the bank to renegotiate the mortgage, but he soon found his home stayed empty while he and his family moved to an apartment in Orange County. Fed up with the way the bank was treating him, and with the help of the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) and Occupy Our Homes, De los Santos moved his family back into their Riverside home in time for the holidays but continued to fight with the banks.

“De Los Santos has resumed working overtime, enabling him to make the mortgage payments. He said he “begged” officials to meet with him and work out an agreement.

Francisco Perpely of Alpha One Group, a Riverside brokerage firm that took possession of the property on Freddie Mac’s behalf, told California City News Service that De Los Santos “knew what was going on and had an attorney, trying to get this resolved and have the foreclosure rescinded. The bank was more than helpful with him, trying to offer relocation assistance… It ended up going to court, and a judge issued a writ of possession.”

Freddie Mac spokesman Brad German told CNS in an email, “We have no choice but to re-evict since no payment has been received on his mortgage for nearly two and a half years.”

On Thursday, Feb. 16, he was arrested in the lobby of Freddie Mac’s offices in Los Angeles while attempting to negotiate. About 150 supporters were with him, according to KTLA. De Los Santos will likely risk arrest again Tuesday morning, when the county sheriff is scheduled to evict him and his family.

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