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The Election Season Turns Again to the Foreclosure Crisis

Presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney is turning his sights on the Florida primary and turning his campaign fight to the foreclosure crisis.

The New York Times quoted Romney at an outdoor rally in Ormond Beach, Florida:

“What’s he been doing for 15 years” since leaving his House position? “He’s been working as a lobbyist, selling influence around Washington. He’s been working for Freddie Mac, heard of those guys?”

Romney is alluding to Gingrich’s $1.6 million in consultancy payments from the government-backed, mortgage financing firm Freddie Mac. Gingrich has denied that he worked as a lobbyist for Freddie since stepping down as speaker in 1999. However, Gingrich said he was retained by Freddie Mac as a historian, but later added that he’d received consulting fees for providing “strategic advice.”

Romney retorts: “He said he was a historian, I would like him to release his records. What was his work product there? Freddie Mac figures in very prominently to the fact that people in Florida have seen home values go down.”

Gingrich’s Freddie Mac connection has hurt the former House speaker somewhat before his win in South Carolina. But if there was anywhere this message would resonate, it would be in Florida, one of the states most mired in the foreclosure crisis.

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