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Bank of America Gets Caught Dragging their feet again

It’s no secret – If banks have the chance to drag their feet, they will. With little incentive to get things done in a timely manner, banks drag out every transaction as much as possible. Which is what Georgia couple, Ken and Meredith Williams learned in the 72 days it took Bank of America to close their loan on a house they were buying. After weeks of getting the run-around, the couple took the matter into their own hands launching an all-out offensive on social media. The centerpiece of their social media campaign, which included a blog and a Twitter take-over, was the following music video, which humorously attempts to persuade Bank of America to finally close their loan. It all paid off – five days after their music video posted online, the bank closed their loan.

While this story may not be about fighting foreclosure, we thought the sentiment of taking action against the banks was in-line with our beliefs here at Avid Law Center. Plus, it’s a clever video and we just had to share it with you. So, we’ll file this under “Bank of America” and “Getting the run-around.”


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