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Friday Foreclosure Story: Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown

For 44 years, the Jordan family crafted an elaborate Charlie Brown-themed Christmas display outside their Costa Mesa home which was recently foreclosed on.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Jim Jordan, who uses the home as a rental property and is challenging the Nov. 24 foreclosure, is worried not only about keeping his home but also about continuing one of Costa Mesa’s most treasured holiday traditions.

As a tradition everyone has come to expect, the community has rallied together to preserve the Charlie Brown Christmas. Costa Mesa City Hall agreed to take over the display and a group of community volunteers is going to set up the “Peanuts” gang, Santa and other cutouts at the civic center across from the Orange County Fairgrounds.

There’s a “Save the Snoopy House” Facebook page and Twitter account. One person even set up a tent on the home’s front lawn, a mini Occupy the Snoopy House movement. Even a nearby Chick-fil-A restaurant in Santa Ana offered to set up the “Peanuts” gang outside.

It’s a sign of the times when Snoopy’s most iconic dog house gets foreclosed on during the holidays but while we’re happy to hear the family is fighting to keep their home, we’re most touched by this show of community strength to save the decade’s-old tradition and not let the distress of the foreclosure crisis put a damper on the holiday spirit.

See yesterday’s Associated Press article for more on Jim’s foreclosure story.

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