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Scam Alert: California AG Charges Two with Loan Modification Scam

mortgage scam alertAccording to a press release from California Attorney General Kamala Harris‘ office, two owners of a Southern California-based loan modification company were arrested last Tuesday on charges that they scammed thousands of distressed homeowners across the country out of more than $6 million,

Huffington Post reports that Christopher Fox and Curtis Melone, both 37, were accused of illegally charging struggling homeowners $3,500 each in exchange for assistance in securing loan modifications that the attorney general says were never performed.

Fox and Melone allegedly collected fees from customers before performing services, despite California law prohibiting foreclosure assistance firms from taking money until the related services have been performed. In addition, their company, Green Credit Solutions (also known as Guardian Credit Services and Get My Credit Grade) allegedly stated that loan modification services would be performed by lawyers, when its only staff attorney was a disbarred Tennessee lawyer who claimed to have partners at “Smith Harris PLLC,” an already defunct law firm.

“Homeowners continue to struggle throughout California and across the country to hang onto their homes, and this prosecution is another warning to predators who would seek to profit from their distress: this kind of criminal conduct will meet with swift and certain consequences,” said Harris in a statement.

If you are seeking assistance with a loan modification, we advise you to check the California State Bar website to verify an attorney’s license and ensure you are working with a credentialed attorney.

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