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Occupy Our Homes

Occupy our HomesAs the economy continues to stay stagnant, the Occupy Wall Street movement has turned its attention to shed light on the housing and mortgage crisis which precipitated the great recession in 2008, the worst housing crisis since the Great Depression.

Dozens of Occupy Los Angeles protesters rallied on Friday morning at a courthouse where some 7,000 properties were being auctioned after foreclosure by Bank of America.

According an MSNBC report, the protesters chanted and carried signs outside the Norwalk Courthouse reading, “Banks got bailed out, we got sold out,” “Keep people in their homes,” and “Stop Foreclosures!”

“Protesters are calling for a moratorium on foreclosures and for Bank of America and other Wall Street banks to end the practices that crashed the economy and continue to hurt LA communities,” says a release by Good Jobs LA, a nonprofit coalition of labor, housing and immigrant rights groups that is supporting Occupy LA.

Today also kicks off the “National Day of Action to Occupy Our Homes”, the new frontier for the occupy movement: the liberation of vacant bank-owned homes for those in need.

From the Occupy our Homes website:

The Occupy Wall Street movement and brave homeowners around the country are coming together to say, “Enough is enough.” We, the 99%, are standing up to Wall Street banks and demanding they negotiate with homeowners instead of fraudulently foreclosing on them.

Occupy Our Homes is a movement that supports Americans who stand up to their banks. We believe everyone has a right to decent, affordable housing.

Events are being held all day throughout the country in support of the Occupy Our Homes movement. Find an event near you, take the “Pledge in Defense of Our Homes and Neighborhoods,” and find out how you can otherwise help stop wrongful foreclosures and evictions.


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